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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Popular Mirza Ghalib Urdu Shayari in Hindi & English

Galib ki Shayari - Ghalib was the Pen Name of Mirza Asadullah Khan Baig, he was well aware of many languages but his works mostly are into Urdu. I have made a list of popular Mirza ghalib Shayari which are simple and famed. Mirza mostly wrote about despair and loneliness but some of his works are romantic too. Best Shayari in Hindi

Ghalib Urdu Shayari

On December 17,1797, A Legend, Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan was born in Agra City. Ghalib was the pen name of Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan. In the Battle of Alwar his father died, when he was at age 5. And after that his uncle took him under his care. He started writing poetry at the age of 11 and at the age of 13 he married to Umrao Begum. He had 7 children and each of them died in their childhood. After his Life, his marriage was the second imprison for him. Ghalib was well known for his poetries in the Mughal Court. Purani Yaaden Shayari

इश्क़ ने ग़ालिब निकम्मा बना दिया,
वार्ना हम भी आदमी थे काम के।

Ghalib, a worthless person, this love has made of me,
otherwise a man of substance, once I used to be.

कितना खौफ होता है रात के उन अंधेरों में,
पूछ उन परिंदो से जिनके घर नहीं होते।

How much terrified does one feel in dark on sunset,
Go and ask the birds, who do not own a house!
Zindagi Shayari

हाथों की लकीरों पर मत जा ऐ-ग़ालिब,
नसीब उनके भी होते है जिनके हाथ नहीं होते।

Don’t go by the lines on the palm of hand Ghalib,
Luck is bestowed even on those who don’t have hands.

मत पूछ के क्या हाल है मेरा तेरे पीछे,
ये देख के क्या रंग है मेरा तेरे आगे।

Ask not, in your absence, what my state is apt to be,
you see your own condition when you are in front of me.
Motivational Shayari

इस कदर तोडा है मुझे उस की बेवफाई ने ग़ालिब,
अब कोई अगर प्यार से भी देखे तो बिखर जाता हूँ मैं।

हमने मोहब्बत के नशे में आकर उन्हें खुदा बना दिया,
होश तब आया जब उसने कहा के खुदा किसी एक का नहीं होता।

Under intoxication of love, I made you God,
senses came when you said, God is never of one.

रेख़्ते के तुम्हीं उस्ताद नहीं हो ग़ालिब,
कहते है अगले ज़माने में कोई 'मीर' भी था।

Ghalib, you are not the only maestro of Urdu,
it is said in past time, there was a ‘Mir’ too.

हर एक बात पे कहते हो तुम के तू क्या है ?
तुम ही कहो के ये अंदाज़-इ-गुफ़्तगू क्या है ?

At every single utterance you retort “what are you?”
tell me, what is this style of conversation?

ये ना थी हमारी क़िस्मत कि विसाल-इ-यार,
होता अगर और जीते रहते यही इंतज़ार होता।
Love Shayari

I was not lucky enough to be in union with my love,
Had i lived longer, i would have pinned all my life.

मेहरबाँ हो के बुला लो मुझे चाहे जिस वक़्त,
मैं गया वक़्त नहीं के फिर आ भी ना सकूँ।

Being kind at any time you please, you can call out for me
for I am not like time once past, again can never be.

आह को चाहिए एक उम्र असर होते तक,
कौन जीता है तेरे जुल्फ के सार होने तक।

A lifetime passes before a sigh shows its effects.
Who would wait so long to see your curls fixed up?
Funny Hindi Shayari

So how were these Mirza Ghalib Urdu Shayari, and i'm sure you liked, Mirza was very sure that he'll get famous after his death and it really happened. Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan is still alive in our heart because of his poetry. Hatsoff to a Legend, plz appreciate his works and share with your friends on whatsapp and facebook. Read More Shayarai at MyShayari.Online

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